Essay-Shark Bot Functions

essay-shark bot

Set Pricing:

1- Don’t keep the Fixed Amount Field empty, in case the bot is failed to set the minimum or auto amount then it will try with a fixed amount.

essay-shark bot

2- Enable Multi-Price allows you to set different costs for the different budgets of jobs/orders.

essay-shark bot

3- In Additional message, you can set a message to put after a bid is placed.

essay-shark bot

4- Make sure “Self-Login” & “Chrome Profiling is enabled”.

essay-shark bot

How to configure it for long-running?

Navigate to “Global Setting then Job Reading Setting” and set the following values.

essay-shark bot

Recheck Pages: This means how many times, you want to refresh the job listening page to let it find new jobs/orders. The value of 100 will check 100 times.

Recheck Time: Usually, the new orders will not instantly come up, so put a hold before rechecking, Value of 5 means rechecking/refreshing the job listening page after every 5 minutes, You can change it.

Define what job you want to read: Let’s suppose you’ve 10 or more jobs available but you want to bid over the newest orders that usually place on top, so you can change the value to 3 so the bot will only check for top-3 orders which are supposed to be latest/new.

Optional Configuration/Setting:

Here is the field that asks you to put a value for “want to refresh job page?” some of the essay-shark users told us that if an order asks you to wait/hold for 30 seconds or more to be able to bid, but if you refresh that job page repeatidly then after every refreshing that page 5 seconds will reduce, it will pass the holding time of 30 seconds or earlier. So this is an optional feature if you want to refresh then you can change its value from 0 to upper.

Last thing: If an order asks you to wait for 30 seconds or more then after this time would be passed, the bid button becomes available to click but it may take 1-3 seconds, therefore we set an additional holding time to let the bot wait until the bid button becomes available.