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Visit this link ( to download the latest release of “chrome driver” for your operating system.

Extract the file “chromedriver.exe” from the downloaded archive in step-1.

Under  software folder, you will find another folder named “lib” open that and remove your old/outdated existing “chromedriver.exe” file

If you’re not able to delete that then you may need to remove all process regarding this, press ctrl+alt+delete or search to open task manager, and kill all processes named “chromedriver.exe”.

Once old “chromedriver.exe” file is deleted, then place the newly downloaded file there at the same location.

Category: General

There might be any reason why your bot is not behaving well, a simple diagnosis will help to generate an error to report us, You should follow these steps to know and to report us what’s going wrong with your bot:

1- Open software folder and in the address bar of that software folder type “cmd” and hit enter.

2- Now, you have a prompted window like below:

3- In this command prompt window type any of these commands to run your software:

  • For Professional Edition: java -jar E-Applier-Professional-Edition.jar
  • For Gray Edition: java -jar E-Applier-Gray-Edition.jar

Hit Enter Button, Software should launch.

Every error and statement will be reported on this command prompt window, you can copy all displayed statements, and error while bot stopped working to send us.

Category: General

Yes, you can limit your bids to place via our bots. Navigate to “Global Setting -> System Configuration” and find an option to limit the number of bids.

Category: General

E-Applier doesn’t store/collect any your data the in background or in the database. However, you’ll have an option in this application to save your data. When click on data it will save your data on your system/computer.

Category: General

Yes in “Global Setting -> Job Reading Setting”, you can define the value for “Read pages” which defines how many job pages you wish to read by your bot. Also, set a value for “Recheck” that will restart from page-2 when all pages are read. You can set a higher value for “Recheck” like 100 or more to run your bot continuously.

Category: General

E-Applier allows one user for one account. You can use it from the different system but you can’t use it on multiple systems at the same time, it will consider as you’re violating our terms & conditions section 2 clause 2.2. Visit our Terms & Conditions at

Category: General

Yes, E-Applier offer you to make a customize order request. Our developers will surely make your requested changes to your app. But this will cost you little amount started from 30$. Total cost depends on your requirement that would be estimated by our developer once they receive your customize order request. To, request changes and get a cost estimation write to us at

Category: General

The only bots will available that you purchased if you want any other bot to be activated in your account subscribed for that. Once, your order is complete that bot will be activated against of your “E-Applier” account. To subscriber for other bots visit the shop at

Category: General

Upwork Bot

No, till this moment upwork bot is not able to answer questions. This is because each question in upwork is different that bot can’t understand. But, soon we will add an option for generic answers that can place in your bid by this bot.

Category: Upwork Bot

Freelancer Bot

Click on “Freelancer Setting -> Set Pricing”, you can find the first field to define your hourly price.

Category: Freelancer Bot

Yes, there’s no restriction to use multiple accounts. You can use any account to run along with this freelancer bot.

Category: Freelancer Bot

E-Applier- freelancer bot is designed to work as live like a robot there’s no any background process. It uses your system browser and bids like in the same manner as you do manually. This approach protects your freelancer account. There’re many other options which make your bids more effective like multiple-proposal. Although, instant bidding itself is enough to justify that your bids are real because no any other bot is capable to place bids on notified jobs except E-Applier freelancer bot.

Category: Freelancer Bot

No, because freelancer contest doesn’t require any bidding that’s why the freelancer bot will bypass contest jobs.

Category: Freelancer Bot

The file for multiple proposals “proposal.txt” contains some tags and you need to place your proposal in between these tags such as:

—This is my proposal—-

The tag above “”  the is your first proposal tag that is associated with your keywords set-1 similarly “” will reflect your second proposal for keywords set-1.

While the tag ““is associated with your keywords set-2.

For each keyword set, you can define three proposals.

Category: Freelancer Bot

Yes, you can check the value in “Freelancer Setting -> Multiple-Proposal”, it will allow you to define multiple proposals.

Category: Freelancer Bot

Fiverr Bot

Currently, there’re two gigs supported in fiverr. If you want to add more you can create a customization request in your product. To make a request write to us at

Category: Fiverr Bot