Privacy Policy:

What we collect? We do collect your contact information including full name, email, phone, address. This information will be asked when you place an order at our shop. Except for your contact information, we don’t ask for any sensitive data from you.

Where we use this information? We use this information for billing and creating or maintaining your subscription against any of our product.

Do we share this information? No. We don’t share your contact information with any other third-party application or service. We keep this information confidential between you and us.

Should you share other information than contact details? No. Officially, none of our representative will ask you for such information except your contact details but if any unauthorized person or party ask any of your information using our brand name, please discourage them as spammers. Also report us regarding that person or party, so we can ensure an immediate action against them.

Delivery Policy

Once payment is received by the customer, we will send you an email along with your product and subscription details that will take a minimum of 1 hour or a maximum of 24-hours. The email would contain a link to download your product with instructions in simple 3 steps, it also contains your account credentials as the product is account protected. Moreover, you can find complete details about your purchasing, validity of subscription, and documentation in that same email.

We offer consecutive 3 free assistance after-sale that you can request in case of having any technical issue. Our team will answer your queries via email or over the ticket portal. In some cases, we might request to have a screen-sharing session so our expert can join you to solve all existing issues instantly at your own system.

Refund Policy

E-Applier offers protected shopping at its shop. Despite having 100+ satisfied customers with a positive rating on our official “Google” reviews page, we still want to ensure safe purchasing for new customers. In regard to this base, we’ve already taken such an important step in form of a trial account that anyone can claim before making payment for any product from our shop. There’re the following terms that comply with our refund policy:

  • Essentially, refund requests will only be considered within 3- days from the date of payment made.
  • A refund will only be accepted if we failed to solve a technical issue that must be persuaded by the malfunction of the product.
  • The product might require gradual updates, while updating a product no refund request will be accepted. Although updates might take 1-7 days depends on the required volume of work.
  • While refunding, we have the authority to charge an assistance or transaction fee.
  • Refunds will only be allocated if the payment gateway that would have been used for the transaction allowed sending back the amount to the payer.
  • The refund request may proceed in 3-7 days.