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E-Applier: Freelancer Bot the most selling product which has 100% over “”, and its tentative features will surely help you to get awarded with more project using this bot. There’re many updates we have added in it including the one which is the capability to apply on new notified jobs instantly. Although, we’re working to add more features that best suits your business needs.

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Freelancer Bot is a tested product that’s being used in many countries. Its package includes complete documentation, video demonstration, license, and terms document. The product is non-shareable and can be used by only its purchaser. It also includes free technical support and auto updates.

Freelancer Auto Bidding Bot has been equipped with some more advanced features as follows:

Different Bidding Types:

You can now decide whether you want to let it apply for notified jobs which are newly posted jobs and have a 90% chance to give you a response back from the client or apply for listed jobs.

Dynamic Proposal: doesn’t like the same (static) proposal on all jobs, therefore this freelancer bot supports 6 different proposals that you can define and then the bot will select one randomly to apply differently. Moreover, there’re some special tags that you can include in your proposal message and these tags will convert into relevant job data such as: [title] It’s a tag that will convert into the actual job title. It supports 5 tags.

Dynamic Pricing/Duration:

Just like the proposal, this freelancer bot will set different prices and duration for each job budget which can be calculated automatically by percentage from the total job budget or you can define different pricing/duration for different budget ranges.


It supports the following filters to catch only relevant jobs from your skills and profile.

  • Skills filter (You may also define how many skills need to match or include in a job just 1 or more than one)
  • Country filter (To include or exclude)
  • Rating filter (Rating of the client)

Best Approach:

There’s something that makes our freelancer bot unique and optimizes your chances to get rewarded with a job. Therefore, we recommend you use this bot software to apply for notified jobs because a job notification appears when a client just posted a job at which also means the client (job owner) is online at that particular time when you see a notification. When this freelancer bot catches this notification applies to it and you may receive a response back against your proposal. Also, use dynamic proposals using special tags. So it will look like a real job for the client.

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