Terms & Conditions

Note: When you purchased “E-Applier” we supposed you’ve agreed with all terms and condition which are defined below, these terms apply on all customers and subscribers. Although, we have rights to make changes in any term without any prior notice. These terms and conditions are reflecting the usage and services proposed by our product “E-Applier” not the sites we’re accessing via E-Applier bots.


1- Product/Services:


1.1: E-Applier is an independent product owned by “www.eapplier.com”, None of any other party has right to sell it except our official partners.


1.2: In case you purchased this from any other unauthorized person or company then we will not facilitate you with future updates, none of your query will be held and even we will have rights to suspend your account.


1.3: E-Applier is a complete and tested product over different machines, in case you experience any technical issue, you can contact our support team to get their assistance.


1.4: For any consultant regarding technicality of this product, You might be on hold in queue and our technical team will get you according to your position in our queue.


1.5: The product is secured by an account credentials that will be provided you once your purchased is complete.


1.6: E-Applier doesn’t offer any source code along with its application until and unless you made a customized order with source code request.


1.7: We accept and acquire all queries which are made through our website or over our official email addresses, we don’t take responsibility of any direct conversation with any person via other sources.


2- Product Usage:


2.1: Any subscription over any product of “E-Applier” is dedicated to a single person supposed to be whom who purchased it. No multiple users are allowed to use a your subscription.


2.2: When logging to our software/App, it record your “IP” address, if we found your subscription is being use with multiple IP’s simultaneously then, it will suppose as you shared your account with others which is not allowed as described in clause 2.1. In this case we will have rights to suspend your account temporary or permanent.


2.3: We don’t record any of your data about your freelancing sites except your “IP” address as described in clause 2.2.


2.4: Attempting re-engineering in any of our product may cause you for permanent suspension.


3- Third-Party Apps (Freelancing Sites):


3.1: It must be very clear that we don’t have any agreement with any sites we’re accessing through our products/bots.


3.2: The products/bots we design don’t have any background process, it works like a robot each and every process will be compiled in front of you using you system browser lively. It ensures your account safety. But, in any case we will not take any responsibility of your account suspension as said in clause 3.1 we don’t have any legal agreement with any website we’re accessing via our bots.


3.3: Any changes made on any freelancing site can reflect our products too. In this case you have to allow our team to update our products accordingly. We can’t commit any timeline for any required changes but our team members are strived their best to update and fix issue at minimal time.


3.4: In case, we failed to follow any made any update accordingly with changes made on any freelancing site then we can compromised with partial or fully part of our product.


3.5: In case of suspension of our any product, we’re liable to provide you source-code of the product you purchased against of your cost.


4- Purchased Policy:


4.1: Customer satisfaction is our first priority, we love to answer your queries and concern, each product of “E-Applier” is fully documented and demonstrated. Once, you purchased it, we are bound to provide you complete package that includes (Software/App, Account, Documentation, Purchased Receipt, Terms & Condition doc). Within 24 hours after your payment is approved by our payment gateways. Once, you payment is approved and product package is delivered the amount you pay can’t be refund.


4.2: Any product of “E-Applier” is available at one-time payment. We don’t have any recurring payment.


4.3: Updates within your product are always free but any customized changes you requested us may charge you more.


4.4: We’ve complete rights to make changes in our prices, plans and offers. Any discounted offer will not affect the users who’ve already purchased our any product.


4.5: In case of any dispute regarding payment, we will only accept record of evidence such as conversation, payment invoices, payment receipt which is sent from our official email address containing our domain name (eapplier.com) as disclosed in clause 1.7. Not any evidence from any other source will be acquire.