About Us

We’re world first auto-bidding bots providers initiated on 14-August-2016 founded and developed by Aleem Qureshi; Our goal is to help freelancers and IT companies by accumulating all freelancing websites at one place that we called “E-Applier”. We started “E-Applier” with its minimal version that was supporting very few freelancing sites and It was not published for selling but, once in while we shared this with very few newbies who were looking to start their career as a freelancer. We received extensive requests and feedback from all over the world for many freelancing websites. Eventually, we had decided to publicize this product for all. Although, the product was still growing with our users’ experiences and their valuable feedback.

Finally, after more than 2-years we have come across this well-formed and calibrated edition that operates almost all utmost freelancing websites including (Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Shark) while, many other freelancing sites will become a part of it. Whether, you’re individual or a corporate this product can surely help you to give you more projects, clients, and more income, It costs you nothing against what you earn through it. Click to visit our pricing page  Let’s line up its kernel features:

    • All freelancing sites are compacted at “E-Applier”, you can purchase any one or all.
    • Run 24/7 auto bidding, Let it bids automatically 24/7 and wait to get client response.
    • Instant Bidding on new jobs, be the first to apply on freelancer.com job’s as posted.
    • Control the jobs you wish to apply via Job filter, skip unnecessarily, or irrelevant jobs.
    • Save data for one-click start, Safe your time for next visit’s on this software with save data.

Although, these are bots with no direct interaction with any freelancing website our history shows that we’re running along with each freelancing website by following each update or change they made on their freelancing site. Our, developers and Quality Assurance team are responsible to keep an eye watch on these freelancing sites and also update these bots accordingly.

If you work with any freelancing site which is still missing here, then our customized orders will allow you to share your requirement with us, and let’s server for you. We take a unique approach by fusing traditional and new methods to develop quality bots for any freelancing site at speed. At “E-Applier”, we strive to provide exactly what our customers are looking for.

Currently, We have more than 70 customers from all over the world, and today we proud to see how we empowered these individuals and small business owners through this product. Even, we’re awaited for more pioneers to help them in their businesses and freelancing career. It’s just a beginning for this journey with you so soon we will surprise you with more additional features to give you full control over your freelancing sources.