Proficientwriters bot

ProficientWriters Bot

We have published our new entry against Proficient Writer. It’s an auto-bidding bot that can bid automatically over the jobs/orders from proficient writers. You can set up it at your chrome browser in extensions (Available at chrome-Store). Like our all other products, this auto-bidding tool will also help you to bid over the jobs automatically on your behalf that will save the time and effort that you have to put while doing manual bidding. Also, there are no limits, bid as many as you want, you can run it for 24/7.


  • It supports orders and inquiries both to bid automatically.
  • Filter orders/jobs by keywords (Matching with skills)
  • Bid with amount in percentage (Automatically calculated percentage of total job budget)
  • Support all operating system that allow chrome-browser extensions

Video Demonstration: