The WriteZillas Bot: A New Genius Tool For Freelance Writers

WriteZillas Bot

WriteZillas Bot: Writezillas is a very familiar website for academic or essay writing jobs, people do earn enough while bidding and winning its orders. We have brought an exclusive auto bidding bot software for this great platform. So the writezillas writers can use our product to bid automatically for 24/7. The basic features of this product include the following functions:

  • No Writezillas account credentials are required.
  • It gets a percentage of the total order budget to bid on every order with a different amount.
  • It bids with the number of available days, which you can set or define according to your preferred deadlines.
  • Filter orders by subjects or keywords.
  • Supported Proposal

Supported for Windows/Mac with Chrome or Edge browser. It works live, there’s no any background process thus, you computer/laptop should be switched on and have an active internet connection to let this bot run without any interruption.