writerbay bot

Writerbay Bot

Writerbay is one of the leading freelancing website for writers, it offers millions of jobs with good pay. People are using it to get some work and extra income, but it takes a couple of hours to sit and bid fast because competition is tough. Only the #Freelancers who bid first or instantly, win more orders. Considering this factor, we #eapplier have developed and published this #Writerbay auto-bidding bot. It can continuously check for incoming orders and bid over them. It’s available at the chrome store in the link below. Easy to use though it requires a subscription that you can buy from our shop.

Checkout Its All Features


It doesn’t require your account credentials, you can log in yourself, the chrome extension will operate to collect and apply for jobs automatically if you are log in with your Writerbay account.

RUN 24/7

Writerbay bot can bid 24/7, you can also apply the filters offered by the Writerbay website, then the bot will collect the orders from that filtered search result, if no orders would available then this writerbay bot will continue to refresh that job listening page after every 20 seconds to find new entries of orders.


It can filter jobs by keywords that you will define. Only the matches jobs will be applied.


It works at all operating system, you should have chrome browser available.

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