Draft Bot

Draft Bot

Made on special requests from the writers of the draft.co. This freelancing website “App.draft.co” is different from other platforms, because its users have to make a quick bid in a short time, At the draft, the orders come and disappear instantly as it has so many writers who anxiously wait to bid first and fast. This draft bot is also a chrome extension that helps draft writers bid automatically at their convenience.

Checkout Its All Features


It doesn’t require your account credentials, you can log in yourself, the chrome extension will operate to collect and apply for jobs automatically if you are log in with your Writerbhub account.

RUN 24/7

It can run continuously fr 24/7 hours, if all the orders are applied even then it will keep rechecking the writershub order or job listening page to catch more orders instantly when comes.


It can filter jobs by keywords that you will define. Only the matched job subjects will be applied.

Pages Filter

You can set up a “Pages filter” to let this bot apply the orders having a certain no of pages, otherwise, it can bid all the orders despite the no. of pages.


It works on all operating systems, you should have a chrome browser available.