Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind earn through freelancing?

freelancers auto bidding

A person usually gets bored when they are repeatedly into something.  Especially, when it comes to a matter of bidding on freelancing sites. There are several steps that need to follow when bidding whether on freelancer, upwork or other freelancing sites. But, when you go through with these steps, you’ll certainly realize that you’re doing the same thing again and again although, there might be a little different in the content of your proposal.

Every freelancing site offers you to bid along with your proposal, cost, and duration. It’s also a fact that most of freelancers often hold multiple accounts over different freelancing sites. This might be because they’re intent on making more earnings via different freelancing sites. But when no success comes through the person becomes disillusioned by the prospect of making online earning as a freelancer. In result, most of them quit their struggle due to lack of success.

For newbies, it’s quite usual to have a few problems at the start, but you should not give up at any cost. There’re many peoples who have been getting involved in freelancing and they have successful experience even most of them are running their own business with their freelancing accounts. You probably will find many tutorials and tips about “how to start freelancing?” but, the only tip to make a successful freelancing career is to stay positive and keep patience. Plus, think wisely how you can bid on jobs in the least time and effort with an effective way to apply for each job with a relevant proposal?

You know what, actually, there’s something that can help you out. Ok, Let us reveal a secret behind this. “Have you ever heard about bot or automation?”. It’s a kind of software that works for you as a robot while, a bot or automation tool can also operate your freelancing accounts with the capability of bidding automatically on your behalf. At this position, you may have some questions such as:

  • Is there any bot available for all freelancing sites or a particular one that I want?
  • Does a bot be willing to propose a bid with my interest or criteria of the job?
  • Can I run a bot 24/7 to apply on more and more jobs?

Surprisingly, “E-Applier” is the only company that serves freelancers via it’s freelancing bots. It has taken some practical steps in this regards. At first, It launched freelancing bots from top 5 freelancing websites, including freelancer.com bot, upwork.com bot, fiverr.com bot, guru.com bot, and shark.com bot. While many other bots will become a part of it soon! However, E-Applier also offers to place a custom bot request for any freelancing site that you want. E-Applier and its all freelancing bots will give you complete control to manage your bidding and proposal through its ultimate features like filters, multi-proposals, skills matcher and so on. Also, it’s runnable for 24/7 with any machine. You may be wondering “how freelancers have been established a company with an incorporation of E-Applier?” Here you’ll need to observe a simple scenario as described below:

Suppose, you’ve 3 or more freelancing accounts over different freelancing sites, each site allocates you 30-credits or bid limits on a monthly basis, where each bid/job application consumes 1 credit so, you can apply on 30 jobs from each freelancing site and 90 jobs from your all freelancing sites. Generally, there’s the probability that out of 10 job applications/bids at-least 1 jobs must be awarded. Therefore, we believe you may certainly get 9-10 jobs awarded monthly against of your 90 job applications/bids those were placed automatically via E-Applier. How much you earn from a single job it relies on what you proposed in an amount of your job application. But, the sum of all your earnings will surely enough or even more than your expectation.