E-Applier Mac Setup

This software is supported for all operating-system, as a Mac user you just need to follow additional 3 steps:

Step-01: The software folder contains another folder inside it called “lib” open this folder you’ll find a file, there “chromedriver.exe”, this is a driver that let this bot able to control your chrome browser to operate LinkedIn & Indeed websites automatically. But this driver is for windows, in your case, you need a driver for Mac to be placed here in the same location under the “lib” folder/directory.

To setup the driver visit this link: https://chromedriver.chromium.org/downloads Choose the same chrome version that your chrome browser has, usually people are using version “110” but if your chrome browser is at higher version 111 or 112 then download the driver having the same version. In this link, after selecting the version, it will ask you to download a file for the relevant operating system. Make sure to download the driver file for Mac.

The driver will download in zip or archive file, you need to pull out the main “Driver file” from this archive/zip file and place that main file in the “lib” folder within the software folder.

Click Global Setting -> System Configuration -> Change Windows to Mac