Guru Bot

Guru Bot

E-Applier:, another great freelancing website with rich & genuine clients. Over many requests regarding its bot finally, we added “Guru Bot” in our portfolio for its users. By looking at its familiarity with the freelancers, we introduced this guru auto-bidding tool that is simple and well-structured to bid automatically on guru jobs. 

Checkout Its All Features


We understand the importance of your guru account which is also considered as your online-bank. Our current subscribers are using this App without any concern regarding their account and you can safely provide your freelancer account credentials to this App. But, if not satisfy then, We have a new feature for you that will allow you to login yourself and let the App to perform auto-bidding.

RUN 24/7

You can run this “Guru Bot” to run 24/7. It will run non-stop without any limitations and preventions. You can tell this software about how many job pages need to be read to catch jobs also you can set a value for repeat check which will restart the entire process again. You also have an option to limit your bids for a day so App will only apply until it completes the jobs with your limited value.


While it comes at the position where it needs to place an amount and duration on the job along with the proposal. By default, it uses the default value you set in software. You can set default price in percentage % so it will apply by getting the percentage amount of total budget. Hourly jobs can also proceed with a default value or using your defined value.


It works with two bidding types 1- Placeholder bidding, it doesn’t occur any amount and duration as per structure by 2- Fixed price by milestone. The other two bidding type will be part of this “guru bot” incoming updates.


This App also capable to deal two different kinds of jobs so, if you wish to apply on two different job natures like 1- Web development and 2- Article writing, with the separate proposal then You can define different keywords for both job categories separately and also a separate proposal for each kind of job. The app will apply by distinguishing the job type with your keywords.


This “Guru bot” support two type of searching the first one is search jobs by title so any keyword from the set you defined if contains in job title then that job will be applied while, the other recommended criteria are search jobs by skills so any job that contains any skills from your skills set you defined in keyword will be considered to apply.