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E-Applier: Freelancer Bot the most selling product which has 100% control over “”, and its tentative features will surely help you to get awarded more projects using this bot. There’re many updates we have added in it including the one which is the capability to apply to new notified jobs instantly. Although, we’re working to add more features that best suit your business needs. 

Freelancer Bot Features


We understand the importance of your freelancer account which is also considered as your online bank. Our current subscribers are using this App without any concern regarding their account and you can safely provide your freelancer account credentials to this App. But, if not satisfy then, We have a new feature for you that will allow you to log in yourself and let the App to perform auto-bidding.

RUN 24/7

You can run this “Freelancer Bot” to run 24/7 either with “Standard Bidding” or “Instant Bidding. It will run non-stop without any limitations and preventions. While using “Standard Bidding” it comes up with looping in repeat job reading so once all job all applied, it will recheck to read again and also you can define a value to say how many job pages you want to read. In instant bidding, it read and applies each notified job that contains your skills and will continue until you stop yourself. You also have an option to limit your bids for a day so App will only apply until it completes the jobs with your limited value.


While it comes at the position where it needs to place an amount and duration on the job along with proposal. By default, it uses the default value you set in software. You can set a default price in percentage % so it will apply by getting the percentage amount of total budget. Although, there’s also an option to define different amounts and duration for different job budgets. Hourly jobs can also proceed with a default value or using your defined value.


There’re various filters available to skip jobs that you don’t wish to apply such as the Country filter (To skip jobs from specific countries), the Review filter (To apply on jobs from a client with enough rating/review as you defined). If you want us to add any additional filter according to your needs then, write to use our developer will add any additional filter for you at very little additional cost. Filter requests can only be filed from the user who has purchased this App.


This App is also capable to deal with two different kinds of jobs so, if you wish to apply for two different job natures like 1- Web development and 2- Article writing, with a separate proposal then You can define different keywords for both job categories separately and also a separate proposal for each kind of job. The app will apply by distinguishing the job type with your keywords.


By default, this “Freelancer Bot” supports two proposals for two different job categories that need to be separately defined in the App frame. Although, in the last updates, we have added a multi-proposal option where you can define multiple proposals in “txt” file and software will apply for each job with different proposals picked from your “txt” file randomly.


Newly, added auto-feature will let this app run automatically at your desired time to enable auto-run feature click on “Enable Auto Start” under “Global setting on the top navigation. Once clicked, It’ll prompt a window that will ask you to set a numeric value as hours to run bidding automatically after that hours value repeatedly.


To make a unique and relevant proposal and keep your bid score maintain. We added some variables in this freelancer bot that will hold special values. When adding these variables in your proposal the defined value against each variable will be used in your proposal description.


As, a freelancer has added a new part in its structure named “Bid Score” which needs to be maintained above 65% for better bid quality. Same as we added this part into our App where you may tell this App to place bids only if my bid score is above 65% or any other value defined by you. It will protect your bid score and your bid quality.


This “Freelancer bot” support two types of searching the first one is to search jobs by title so any keyword from the set you defined if contains in job title then that job will be applied while, the other recommended criteria are search jobs by skills so any job that contains any skills from your skills set you defined in a keyword will be considered to apply.


This “Freelancer bot” support all Operating system plus, you can use a cloud computer provided by “BrowserStack”. When operating this on your computer it is best to work with the “Chrome browser” other browsers are also supported but we found the best performance of this with Chrome. You can also define your chrome profile to this App, it will save your time because once the profile is provided and you’re already login at freelancer with a chrome browser then the software will not have to login again.

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