Studydaddy Bot

Studydaddy is a kind of freelancing website for writers that helps its users by letting them post and answer the questions. Writers from all over the world specially from Kenya do participate at this platform for extra income. It is easy and convenient freelancing website. By the time this platform has secured predominance writers to bid over the questions or jobs, due to which It was being difficult to compete and bid first at Studydaddy. Thus, we “E-Applier” has developed and published an auto-bidding bot software to apply the jobs automatically from Studydaddy.

This is a chrome extension based bot software, that you can setup and use to bid the jobs in massive quantity. It offers the following features for auto bidding:

Keywords: Just like our all other bots, you can use this feature to filter out the most relevant jobs/orders or questions by using keywords.

Message: A proposal to go along with your bid.

Amount: A cost to bid against the job, order or question, you can place a percentage of amount that will automatically be calculated from max job budget.

Deadline: Mention the days to bid only jobs, orders or questions which deadlines comply with your availability to complete the tasks.

Checkout Video Demonstration:

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