Freelancer Protected Auto Bidding

Freelancer bot

“Have you been warned by the freelancer?” — You can still use auto bidding without compromising your freelancer account.

We reported that the freelancer is so restricted with bid quality and it might be a reason to suspend your freelancer account. E-Applier freelancer auto bidding tool has recently published a couple of updates in its product to secure your freelancer account and keep maintaining your bids. Usually, freelancer warns if your proposal is not relevant to a job description or if you’re placing the same proposal over all its jobs. But, our new updates will prevent these kinds of warnings and you can safely use auto-bidding through these two newly added features. That will place a completely relevant and unique proposal for each freelancer job.
1- Use multiple proposal features that will let this software pick any proposal from a total of 6 to place randomly on each job.
2- Use the variables to add in your proposal: We launched some variable that holds a value about the job title, description, etc. You can use these variables in between your proposal so the proposal will surely be relevant to the job you’re applying.
Suppose a freelancer has a job with the title “Web Developer Required”.
You can use this variable [title] to include the job title in your proposal as defined below:
Proposal: I am applying for this job “[title]” after reading your description carefully.
When applying by this software the variable [title] will convert in the actual title of the job, so your final proposal will be like this:
I am applying for the job “Web Developer Required” after reading your job description carefully.