What ‘s So Catchy about Freelancer Bot 3.0

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Why You Need Freelancer Bot: In the world of freelancing, there’s a name we all know rules over all other freelancing sites, an eponymous website, freelancer.com. There are thousands and thousands of apt freelancers having the best of the best feedback given by authentic clients. While all the skilled freelancers cram their dashboards with jobs, the newbies strive to get freelance work by competition. This is one of the biggest problems anyone joining freelance work faces, as all the clients are already hunting those 4- start or 5-star freelancers flaunting their feedback history. In such times, a bot can save you from worries and such a bot is E-applier, your best freelancer bot that does all you want from auto bidding software.

What Freelancer Bot Does

Now let’s look a little more technically into this amazing freelancer bot. E-Applier is a software that makes auto bidding a reality. As discussed earlier, E-Applier users don’t wait for long to have their jobs applied or accept because there is a defined number of jobs the software applies for every day as set by the freelancer on the E-applier GUI. As soon as you get the software running after entering all the required details (with a freedom of choice regarding selecting whether to give your details or directly log into your freelancer account and let the software work on the open freelancing websites without giving out your personal information, if matters). E-applier starts finding jobs falling into the category of your selected interest. This makes you easily discoverable by clients thinking you are quite active on the freelancing website. Freelancer bot makes you a freelancing, money-making machine.

Better and Better Features

E-applier is never stagnant. The app developers are always on the go to bring you updates and new ways to be better at freelancing. Therefore, after receiving an amazing response for previous version v 1.0 & v 2.0. Our developers have launched “Standard Edition 3.0” with the combination of previous versions and addition of a lot of new features that will give you a more interesting experience for freelancer.com.

How to Get Started with Freelancer Bot

It’s quite easy. Purchase the freelancer job bidding app for a fair amount and run its setup. When you have it installed, feed your information on the GUI and enjoy your bot fetching jobs for your automatically. You can feed the number of jobs applied each day as you wish and can also change it later on.

Because it’s a bot, it does most of the stuff in the getting started process itself or you can also manually do it. Like earlier mentioned, it can start working on the open freelancing websites in other windows automatically or you can feed your personal information. This is to make you feel at ease if you don’t want your personal information to be shared.

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