Standard Edition Version 3.0
Standard Edition Version 3.0

How to Use?

Hello E-Applier Users! This documentation will help you understand the auto-bidding software after its purchase and installation. Follow the easy steps below and get started with your smart auto-bidding for quick and easy freelancing:

  • Open the app folder by its own name on your desktop.
  • Open the Java Archive File (with .jar format) to run the software.
  • As the E-Applier login window appears on your screen, enter your email address and password reserved for your E-applier account (If you have not already signed up for your account, first enter all the details to sign up your account and then access it).
  • Click on the login button and enter the E-Applier GUI.
  • From the top left, select a freelancing website you want to apply for jobs on.
  • Start entering your information from the email and password fields below (this is your email address and password reserved for your selected freelancing website account. For instance, if you have selected above, enter the account details of your Freelancer account).
  • Enter the amount % which is the percentage of the amount you bid on the job against the original offered amount of the job.
  • Enter the duration i.e. the days you are expected to finish the job in.
  • There are two proposals on the right. Enter the keywords for proposal-1 (these are the keywords you want E-Applier to filter your required jobs from the pool of jobs posted on the website).
  • Enter the additional description of your capabilities and experience in the proposal field (this is what your employer will first look at to understand your expertise, therefore, write this description with a positive and enthusiastic tone).
  • Repeat the same process in Proposal-2 along with different keywords according to the skills and expertise you possess and a proposal that affirms them.
  • Now set the filters under the configuration heading.
  • Select search keywords by skills if you want the app to search jobs that match with your skills or job title if it contains a word that matches your job title. Searching keywords by skills applies a filter to all the words of a job post, whereas, the job title filters titles only.
  • Load time is the time in seconds as per your internet speed.
  • Set limit bids which refers to how many jobs you want E-Applier to search for in a day.
  • Read job pages enables a number of job post pages to be read on a freelancing website while E-Applier applies for jobs.
  • Click check on “Use Clipboard” and “Save my data”.
  • Check “Set price filter” for the exact amount you want to bid against the original offered amount for the job (if you do not check this then your amount % is used to enter bid amounts).
  • Click check on “Send results via email”.
  • Choose your default browser.
  • Select Page-Reading method as per your wish to search jobs matching your keywords or all the jobs. Selecting the reading method for jobs-matching keywords enables the app to filter jobs according to your skills only.
  • Enter the countries except which you want to search for jobs around the rest of the world locations (remember this is an exception, not an inclusion).
  • By far, you have completed entering all the data required from you and as soon as you click on “Start Service”, the software will start performing automated functions onwards.
  • It will automatically launch your default browser.
  • At this stage, do not interrupt any action performed by the software.
  • One by one, E-Applier will start applying for jobs on its own with the exact information that you entered in the app GUI.
  • You can check the status of the applied jobs (once all the automated functions are performed) in the app window status bar at the bottom.
  • Your computer will also give a notification about the number of jobs applied by the application.
  • You can also compare the “bids left” on your account on the freelancing website before and after ‘starting service’ to ensure the number of applied jobs.
  • You will also receive an email from our support team on your email address to keep a record of the job applications sent by the software.
  • You can apply for jobs on,,, or more websites if you order a customized product.
  • Thank you for using E-Applier- World’s No.1 auto-bidding software. Happy Auto-bidding!