Update Application

The app can attempt to update itself automatically whenever updates are available. In case, it fails to update then you can update manually by following these instructions:

  • Click here to download the updated main application file.
  • Now delete the old file “eapplier.jar” from your software directory/folder.
  • Place the recently downloaded (updated application file) in that same software directory/folder.

This bot application works with the Chrome browser using a Chrome driver that you can locate under the software directory/folder in the “lib” folder. Find it for the name “chromedriver”, and run it. A black window will give info about this driver, including its version. Note: The Chrome driver version must be the same as your Chrome browser version. If not then you can navigate to the “File” tab from the software screen and click “Update Driver”. In case, it fails to update the driver automatically then follow these instructions.

  • Delete the existing chromedriver file from the software folder under the “lib” folder.
  • Now find/check your Chrome browser version.
  • Visit this link/page and find the Chrome driver equivalent to your Chrome browser version and download that.
  • The downloaded file would be in Zip/Archive format, you need to unzip/extract the main driver “chromedriver” file from this zip/archive file and keep that chromedriver file in the same location where you deleted the old driver file. Inder the software directory/folder in the “lib” directory/folder.


The software is “JAVA” based, so may probably required to download/update java. Visit the link to download and install Java for your operating system.