Writershub Auto-Bidding Bot to get you more high paying jobs

Writershub bot

Writershub auto-bidding bot: This is another fascinating tool for freelancers who work on writershub. It lends a helping hand to writers and freelancers by placing bids automatically over the writershub orders. It is a chrome extension, easy to set up from the chrome-store.

Writershub auto-bidding Bot Features


It doesn’t require your account credentials, you can log in yourself, the chrome extension will operate to collect and apply for jobs automatically if you are log in with your Writerbhub account.

RUN 24/7

It can run continuously for 24/7 hours, if all the orders are applied even then it will keep rechecking the writer’s hub order or job listening page to catch more orders instantly when comes.

Writershub auto-bidding Bot Searching Criteria

It can filter jobs by keywords that you will define. Only the matched job subjects will be applied.

Now, you can also filter whether to skip or proceed the orders that contain/matches with your keywords.
Note: Leaving the keywords field will take all orders despite whatever subject an order would have.

Writershub auto-bidding Bot Pages Filter

You can set up a “Pages filter” to let this bot apply the orders having a certain no of pages, otherwise, it can bid all the orders despite the no. of pages.

Now you have got a filter to let the bot know whether it should proceed with the orders with less no of pages from your limit or more.
Note: Putting “0” in No. Of Pages, will disable pages filter, and proceed with all orders despite any no.of pages that an order would have.

Latest Updates:

In the latest version, the bot will first make a general bid, then it’ll refresh that same job thrice the time to look for “Take Order (Orange Button)” if not appears even after thrice refreshing, then it will move to the next order.

After proceeding with all orders when the bot goes back to check for new/more upcoming orders, it may keep refreshing in case no order is available. Thus, we have added a holding time of 5 seconds (previously it was 10 seconds) so it’ll refresh after every 5 seconds.

Customer Review About WritersHub Auto-Bidding Bot


It works on all operating systems, you should have a chrome browser available.