Manual: Essay Shark Bot

Essay Shark Auto Bidding Bot Manual

There are 3 bidding types 4 pricing types available for Essay Shark Auto-Bidding Bot, this documentation will cover all of these configurations that you can follow to set up and start an auto-bidding service at Essay Shark.

Credentials: Following pointer no#01 in the above figure, you need to place your essay shark account credentials in the Email & Password fields.

Amount Fixed: Following pointer no#02 in the above figure, you are required to place a fixed price for order although in the next step you’ll find other options for bidding amount but setting a default amount in field “Amount (Fixed)” if bot failed to place the other amount type including minimum or recommended amount then this default and the fixed amount will be placed to complete the bid.

Bidding Type: Following pointer no#03 in the above figure, you can have 3 bidding types to select a one including these following:

  • All Jobs (It collects all jobs from the job listening page and bid each one of them. Then it gets back to job listening page and refresh this page to repeat this process with new orders.)
  • New Jobs (It collects and bids all jobs from the job listening page, then it gets back to the job listening page but instead of refreshing/reloading the job listening page to find new orders, it waits there for the notification about the availability of the new order. Once a notification appears by Essay Shark it will take that new order from that notification. It’s good to bid over the new/latest orders.)
  • Advance (It works the same as “New Orders Type” to collect all orders first and apply each one, but the difference in it, this “Advance type” will proceed each order at new tab so the bot can bid multiple orders simultaneously that save your time.

Amount Filter: Following pointer no#04 in the above figure, you will find 4 types for amount placement in bid.

  • Manual (This amount type bid with the same amount that you’ve filled up in the “Amount Fixed” field in pointer no#02. All orders will have the same amount as fixed value whatever you define there.
  • Recommended Amount (Choosing this amount type, the bot will bid orders with the recommended amount that essay shark suggests while bidding.)
  • Minimum Auto Amount (Choosing this amount type, the bot will bid orders with the minimum amount that essay shark suggest while bidding, for example: if you place “0” in an amount at the bidding page, essay shark will prompt an error that you can’t put “0” it will also suggest what should be the minimum amount to bid, the bot will use that same suggested minimum amount in this auto-minimum amount type.
  • Manual Minimum Amount (This amount type has its calculation to get a minimum amount that takes recommended amount and subtracts 2 from that and the total will use to bid. For example recommended amount is 6$ so it’ll subtract -2 and bid with 4$.

Proposal: Following pointer no#05 in the above figure, you can set a proposal to use in the bid. You can set 2 different proposals for 2 different keywords set (Keywords are explained in pointer no#06).

Keywords: Following pointer no#06 in the above figure, you can define keywords here to filter out the orders by discipline/subjects. Only the orders that match any of your keywords will apply. There’re 2 fields for keywords (keywords-1 & keywords-2) both fields come up with their proposal field therefore you’ll find 2 fields for proposal too. if you want to use different proposals for different keywords, then you can split some keywords in keywords-1 write the relevant proposal for these keywords in the proposal-1 field and place the rest keywords in keywords-2, write a relevant proposal for these keywords in the proposal-2 field.

EssayShark Setting: Following pointer no#07 in the above figure, you’ll find the following features:

Jobs Reading (Define how my jobs you want to be read)

Enable Multi-Price: Alongside the amount type (whatever you’re using) you can also place different prices for different orders budget, click on the “multi-price” feature and it will ask a static/fixed price for different orders budget, this feature works along with all amount type, that you’ve selected in pointer no#04.

Configuration: There are 2 more settings that you can set up:

  • Set a value about how many times you want to refresh the job page, You’ll notice if a job has 60 seconds waiting time but if you refresh/reload that job page again and again then with every refreshing/reloading 5 seconds will reduce from that 60 seconds, this setting will perform the same by refreshing/reloading job page it will reduce/elapse the time to bid faster, you can define any value in this field.
  • Set a value for additional holding time, if an order asks you to wait for 30 seconds the bot make take additional few seconds after this 30 seconds to find the elements like the bid button, for some users, this additional time is not required so they can deal with “0” in additional holding time, but those who don’t have enough internet or computer machine, they are recommended to wait additionally at least for 2 more seconds that will prevent bid failure.

Other Recommended Important Configuration:

Navigate to the top menu bar from the software screen. Enable “Self-login” and “Chrome profiling”. Enabling these 2 features, the Software will open the essay shark page at chrome and will try to detect either you are login to your essay shark account or not. In case, it finds that you are log in. It will straight away move for the bidding. Otherwise, a window by the software will promote and ask you:

“Have you log in?”

You will not click either Yes or No at this window, first, log in to your essayshark account at the same chrome window that will open up by the software. After successfully login go back to that software promoted window by clicking the software icon and click “Yes”. Then Software will start bidding.